Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Ok, Google"

"Ok, Google.."

I hear these two words way too often when I am with my brother or a select few friends.

If opening one's phone and typing into the search bar a question is too much work, the Samsung Android helps make google searching a much more simple task than it already was: all someone has to do is speak to their Android the words "Ok, Google" and the phone is ready to search for any sort of question we have to throw at it. 
Pretty neat, huh?

My brother use to brag to me about how cool his phone was because he just had to speak to it to find answers he wanted. Meanwhile, I thought he just looked dumb speaking to his phone like he actually had friends or something (but that's beside the point). 
Is that what technology is coming to though? How to search for answers in the quickest, most effortless ways?

Not only does Google make it easy to browse through results, but also to share information through Google Docs, communicate with people through Google Hangouts and much more. Sure, there are other websites or apps that allow us to do those things as well, but they aren't Google and Google makes things easy to work with.

What's the next big thing Google is going to come out with to help make our lives easier? I mean if we are being real with ourselves, we aren't addicted to Google... we just want more and what's wrong with that? :)

If I do not know how to cook, I've got Google there to back me up and YouTube to show me how. If I do not know how to do laundry, Google will give me suggestions on which detergent will do the job or even places to take my laundry. If I can't beat a level in my latest video game, I will just watch a tutorial or find all the cheats. Life is much more simple when I have a friend like Google helping me out. 
"Ok, Google... help me with my Life."

But, is that what we really want? Are we ok with letting Google have this sort of control over our lives? Maybe we need to slow it down some and look at how much we actually rely on Google. 

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