Friday, April 15, 2016

The World is Out There

Ahhhhhhh it is a beautiful Friday afternoon and I have nothing left on my agenda for the day. It is one of the first 70 degree sunshiny days in who knows how long and I just want to be outside with my friends and go on adventures. Unfortunately, most of my friends have packed Friday afternoons that include practices, work, homework, class, etc. So where does that leave me? Sitting on the internet, scrolling through Pinterest and looking up potential workout ideas and crafts for me to do. As I gaze out the window and think how beautiful and perfect it is outside, I look down at my screen and continue scrolling. Why? Why, when my friends are busy and I have nothing to do, do I consistently find myself on my computer or on my phone to kill time? The internet for me is a huge filler and a bad habit that I have developed. IT IS 70 DEGREES OUTSIDE WITH SUNSHINE EVERYWHERE WHY AM I WASTING THIS DAY INSIDE ON MY COMPUTER. One thing that I want to do is start weening myself off of the internet and stop using it as a filler. And I want to strongly encourage everyone to take a step back and look at the reasons why we are using the internet, how we are using it, and when we are using it and to ask ourselves "Do I really need to be on the internet right now?"
One joke that a couple of my friends and I say to each other when one has been excessively on the cell phone while we hangout out is "The world's out here pal!" and it helps us to realize how we are setting our priorities. All in all, I just want to remind everyone, 
the world is out there
enjoy it.

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