Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The struggle is real.

It's interesting...

Lately I have been struggling super hard to find time to blog. 

Life is insanely busy, I am wrapping up my senior year of college-- I just do not have time.

Yet, when I scroll through my twitter feed, look at my instagram, glance at my facebook timeline, I question myself on whether or not I am actually too busy to blog or if I just decide to do other things instead.

Last night I was thinking about this. Why do I have time to go on social media but tell myself I do not have time to blog? As I was pondering this question, a few things came to mind. 1) I am not use to blogging. I have never blogged before and so it is not exactly instinct for me to go online and start blogging about everything. 2) Blogging requires sitting down and typing for a decent amount of time. When I tweet, I am usually walking somewhere or filling in a short period of time with a quick though that I have. It only lasts about 2 minutes max. Blogging just is not as quick and easily accessible for me. 3) I sit down at a computer and type ALL THE TIME. I am just sorta sick of it, ya know? This demotivates me to sit down and type up a blog because then I begin to think about the fact that I have a paper due shortly, a couple projects, and articles to read, and with these thoughts circling through my mind, it is hard to make moves to type and look at a computer for even more time. It is just exhausting for my eyes and hands and neck and body and mind to participate in blogging. I don't know, maybe I am being too dramatic...

Although these thoughts are all very true, when I do eventually sit down and begin to blog, I find myself enjoying it and see that maybe one day I will actually begin to blog on a daily or weekly basis. Maybe one day it will become a habit and I will find myself blogging instead of tweeting. Who knows. All I know is I cannot wait to be homework free and not have to worry about writing papers. Maybe when this time comes, those minutes spent typing up papers will be switched with moments spent blogging instead. 

...only time will tell. 

But until that point, I will continue to focus and find time to blog. Although my blog posts may not come every day or even every week, I will get them out there and they will get done!

Now my neck is hurting so I end my blog post here,

Until next time. 

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  1. It's like you are reading my mind! It is so hard to find time especially with the term coming to a close. I think that blogging can become a really nice release from all of the stresses of school and life although I think it might be a little different when it is for school. I don't think you're being dramatic, we have a really rigorous schedule especially being on trimesters and it can get to be a whole lot of work.